Shooting Para sport is the ultimate test of accuracy and control. It features pistol and rifle categories and depending on the athletes disability they are able to shoot from either sitting or standing position. The competition format is very similar to that of able-bodied shooting. The goal is to place a series of shots inside the centre ring (bullseye) of the target. 

The ParaFed Canterbury Shooting Club focuses on the 10m Air Rifle discipline. New members are welcome and the club has a range of equipment to use.
​​​​​​​10am - 3pm
CTSA Range
​​​​​​​11 Bangor Street, Christchurch
Club: ParaFed Canterbury Shooting Club

Shooting provides opportunities to compete in monthly Club Competitions, Regionals and the New Zealand Nationals.​​​​​​​


Donald Corkill

ParaFed Canterbury
Hadleigh Pierson
Sports Manager
022 064 3001

ParaFed Canterbury works with local sports clubs and organisations to offer a range of Para sport opportunities to our members. In most cases members will require a classification before becoming involved in competitive Para sport.